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What is your phone number? I can't find it on your website.

It is not listed on this website. The reason for that is that we have decided to only interact with the customers using our Help Desk Ticket system, which uses e-mail, and provides us a record of our customer interactions. We only accept orders for high speed internet service though our website, which also doubles as our billing and customer information system. Our responses to customer orders will be by e-mail.

The only time we are likely to call, is when one of the third party cable installers calls to confirm that someone is home, often an hour before your installation appointment.

It was a business decision to not offer phone support and phone order taking. Same applies for other services you might order such as web hosting, design SEO, etc, we would normally only interact with you by Help Desk ticket or e-mail.

The Help Desk System also offers suggested potential answers to problems and questions when you start a ticket.

Our Help Desk usually replies to all Help Desk tickets within 24 hours, seven days a week, and those replies will arrive in your e-mail. We normally will not phone a customer to provide a reply.

So, please, we would prefer that you did not phone us, even if you find our phone number, we would rather you e-mailed or opened a Help Desk ticket or ordered online. When you call us we will likely end up asking you to do one of those things anyway.  :)

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