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How much do you Internet plans cost. Other costs? How long for install?


If you see our Home page of this website, and click on the place name button, you will see the details on both sets of plans we offer in the City or Place you live in.

We rent or sell modems, (we do not usually loan them out for free). You would have the option to buy (or rent) a modem at the time you place your order. We also have a list of approved modems on that page in case you already own a suitable one, in which case when you place an order you would need to enter the details of the serial number, machine ID, etc in the blanks provided, (so that we could enter your modem into our system, so it would be recognized). Those are the modem options, buy (or rent) or provide you own suitable modem. The modem is normally shipped within two days of placing your order and is usually there within 3 days (for Ontario & Quebec, maybe a day or two longer for other provinces). We normally ship the modem by Canada Post Xpresspost to the service address unless you ask for it to be shipped elsewhere, at the time you place the order. (In the event of a Postal disruption we usually ship by courier.)

Some models of modems are wireless and some are not, please be sure to order the one which best fits your needs, (or else you will need to buy/use a wireless capable router to add wireless capability wireless).

We do not ship modems on weekends and statutory holidays, as Canada Post does not pickup on those days. Modems are only shipped from the warehouse, not from the office.

Costs and fees are explained on the web page, but in summary there is usually a fee for installation/activation (or a fee for transfer), plus the cost of the modem (if you are buying one), plus the cost of modem shipping (shown in our system as a ’setup fee’), plus the cost of the upcoming 30 day period of service, plus sales tax (based on the province the service address is located in).

We bill from date of ordering not date of Installation. The Invoice must be paid before we will ship a modem or book an Installer to come out.  The Invoice must be paid at time of ordering or we can't process the order until it is.

Please note we charge an overage fee per GB for all data usage which is over your plans monthly limit, unless it is an 'unlimited' plan. (Such charges are often not billed until the following month as we do not have the data until then.) So please pick the most suitable plan for your needs. These days most plans we offer are 'unlimited'.

From the date you place and pay for your order until the Install date can vary, but is usually about 7 days or so. It could be as short as couple of days or a day or two longer, depends on various factors, including how busy the Installers are.

Someone must be home when the Installers come, and that someone must be 18 year or older. The Installer will usually call prior to the appointment, and if no answer will skip your appointment, cancel it and go to his next appointment. Then we would have to reschedule, about 5 days or so later on. If you have preferred times of day please give those when placing the order.

We normally reply to all Help Desk tickets within 24 hours / 7 days a week.

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