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Modems bought online from WRS Web Solutions Inc. are usually shipped within 24 hours or so (on weekdays, we do not ship modems on weekends and satutory holidays) from the 'Internet Services' warehouse in Chatham, ON, by Canada Post Xpresspost. Delivery usually takes 3 business days, with most being deliver in about 3 days.

Once the modem is handed over to Canada Post for delivery, we will start to receive e-mail update notices from Canada Post for that modem shipment. We may send you the tracking link. This link will allow you to track the physical location, progress, and expected delivery date of the modem.

If you are not home when delivery is attempted, then a card will be left, telling you which Post Office you may pick up your modem at. Alternately you can always check the progress by clicking on the link the various Canada Post e-mails you have received for this shipment.

Sometimes the Canada Post system will say that delivery has been attempted when it has not, and that a card has been left when it has not, (as they may be batch processing their parcels in the computer at the local Post Office prior to delivery) but usually in those cases the modem is already at the Post Office awaiting pickup. If you have a Canada Post Super Mail Box your card might be left in that mail box, but the box may be too big to fit in the parcel box.

If you have ordered a modem and after three days from the date of placing the order you have not received an e-mail about its shipment progress from Canada Post then please contact us, please contact us by opening a Help Desk Ticket on our website, as this means there is a problem with shipping your modem.

If your modem has not arrived within 7 days, please contact Canada post with that tracking number (on your e-mails), and if that does not solve your problem then please contact us by opening a Help Desk Ticket on our website.

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