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When it comes to using a modem, simply put you need a modem to access our high speed internet services. Internet Plans / Packages which offer different speeds of Internet service may require different modems. You will usually see the modem options shown as optional 'addon products' you can buy when you place your order for our high speed internet services. The modem is also the device which tracks your internet usage and transmits that usage data back to the billing systems. (Modems may also be sold separately, if you only wish to buy a modem and not high speed internet services.)

We use several different networks, each with different modem requirements. This is not a problem if you buy (or rent) the modem from us as part of ordering the service, as we will only show you the applicable modems.

Many cable internet providers (including Rogers, Cogeco, & WRS Web Solutions Inc.) use the same makes and models of Internet Modems. That said, when switching internet providers, the make and model of modem you plan to bring with you (if you own it, rented modems usually need to be returned) must be on our list of modems on our website, or it will not work with our services. If you plan to provide your own modem when you place your order for high speed internet services with WRS Web Solutions Inc you will be asked to provide the make, model, and serial number of your modem before we can process your order.

You may buy such a modem from us online only (not at our offices), and we will ship it to you from the warehouse. We do not stock modems at our offices, so coming to our offices to try and find a modem will be a wasted trip. Modems take time to ship (24 hours or so) and be delivered (usually 3 or 4 working days).

If you plan to buy a modem from us, please order it at the same time you order our internet services, or immediately afterwards.

You can buy such a modem wherever else you wish. You can provide your own modem. No matter how you get a modem it must be one on our list or it will not work with our services.

Please note that a 'modem' and a 'router' are two different things.

A modem connects your computer(s) or home network to the internet; it is the box that the cable from the street screws onto.

A router is a way of sharing that connection, (wirelessly or by plugging in various network cables) from the modem to various other computers and devices in and around your home. Such a wireless connection needs to be secured so other do not use up your monthly account usage. Securing it is your responsibility. We do not sell routers, but they can be bought at any computer store.

Some of our modems are not wireless, and thus are not also routers, some of our modems are wireless and the wireless modems do not require  router for wireless devices to be able to connect to them (such as Roku TV streaming boxes, android streaming boxes, Chromecast, mobile phones, cell phones, laptops, PCs, desktops, tablets, etc).

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