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Our high speed internet services are a pay in advance, pay as you go, month to month service. Our computer system will generate an e-mail Invoice on the  first day of the calendar month. This Invoice is due that day, being the first day of the month. We allow a few days grace, for your convenience in paying your Invoice. We also provide a PayPal automatic payment subscription option.

If you are late paying you will receive three reminders from the computer system.

We usually let 2 bill payments lapse before we cancel services. If a customer misses the first bill payment, we try for the month to collect but when the second bill comes up we set a date to cancel the services, usually around or just after the date of the second bill. We try to contact you first.

So if your Internet stops working, that may be the reason.

Any amounts owed then go to collections, including informing the credit bureau, which may damage your credit rating.

To restore services an new Installation / Activation / Setup fee would be required, in addition to settling the previous amount owed.

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