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How to contact WRS Web Solutions Inc. Messages and/or emails may be in either the English or the French language. We will reply to English language emails in English, and to French language emails in French. Media questions are welcome.

To Check Internet Plan Availability By Address

To ask us to Check Internet Plan Availability by Postal Code by Postal Code, if that is what you were looking for, or Request A Manual Check For Internet Plans Available For An Address (Email Reply)

Contact Customer Support

The Customer Support page of our site contains answers to common support needs, plus a contact form link near to bottom of that page, in case after reading that page you need further support assistance.

You may wish to read the additional information found on the FAQs and the Knowledgebase pages of our site, or for other topics you can ask us.

Contact WRS Web Solutions Inc. By Mail

Our mailing address is:

WRS Web Solutions Inc.
18 King Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON
M5C 1C4

Please note that unsolicited catalogues, flyers, 'special offers', bulk mail, and 'junk' mail will not be accepted at that address. Please allow ten or more days for letter mail delivery. Please do not ship modems to this address. Rather please see the Customer Support page for modem return information.

Marketing To Us

If you wanted to contact us to offer to sell us goods or services, please note that WRS Web Solutions Inc. is not in the market for goods or services at this time, nor does it wish to be subscribed to marketing lists. We are very well looked after by our current suppliers and we are not in the market for new suppliers. While all messages are read. It is unlikely that the majority of such marketing emails will be replied to. Most (if not all) will be deleted after having been read. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.


The above information is intended for potential customers, customer support, and media inquries. Reglulatory, retail sales tax, and Corporate tax inquiries should continue to be directed to our regulatory contact emails you have on file and/or our 'records address' on file. Our company phone number was intentionally ommited from this contact page, as we do not operate a 'sales call center', (nor do we telemarket people), rather we would much prefer your contacting us by email / contact form, as per above, and we will reply in less than 24 hours.