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About WRS Web Solutions Inc. - Internet Service Provider Division - Fast Cheap Home Internet Plans in Canada

About WRS Web Solutions Inc. - Internet Service Provider Division. We are one of the best internet providers in Canada, offering fast cheap high-speed unlimited home internet plans in Canada. We want to be your home internet provider. We also offer small businesses our same home internet plans, (except where limited from doing so by the local cable company). We even offer a well priced VoIP Home phone plan, and a VoIP Business phone plan.

We offer unlimited coax cable home internet plans in most urban areas, delivered over rented cable TV company lines. Use of the cable TV line is included in the home internet plan prices. (We do not offer cable TV channels.) Most coax cable (cable TV line) home internet plans require the purchase or rental of a suitable DOCSIS 3.1 standard, cable internet modem at the time the order is placed, (and we provide those purchase and rental options).

That said you may instead provide your own coax cable internet modem if it is on the list of approved modems. If planning to bring your own modem that us fine, we welcome that. When the order is placed through this website, we would ask you to enter the modem model, serial number, and mac ID (all of which would be ona label on the back or bottom of yoru modem) on the order page of the website as the cable company will need to enter that info into their system. It is best to first ask us to check modem suitability, before placing the order. Most modems that people already own (and you cannot use one that you do not own), are not on the cable companies written list of suitable modems, and we have to adhere to those lists. Questions are always welcome, preferably by email or contact form. As a note, it is usually always in the customer's best interest to own a modem rather than to rent it. We do not make any profit on any of the modems that we sell.

In addition, the company offers home internet at rural places if the address can be serviced by DSL capable Telus (in Alberta & BC) & Bell (in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic) phone company lines. DSL internet plans need a DSL internet modem, we sell and rent those or you provide your own. For simplicity sake we use the term 'DSL' but some plans may technically speaking be ADSL or VDSL. Further down this page you will find more information on our home internet plans service areas, and how to see which home internet plans are available where you live, including the option to know by address. (This page supplements the information available on the About Us page of our main Corporate website www.wrswebsolutions.com.)

Place Name Pages

Please note that our home internet plans vary by speeds and prices by place name. This is due to the different wholesale access and wholesale usage costs that we must pay. Added to this are the various technical limitations of each different cable TV network that we use, including modem model limitations by speeds, regions, and networks.

This why our website has so many place name specific pages, grouped by Province. This situation is unique, and unlike for example Amazon Canada which has the luxury of being able to sell the exact same items everywhere at the same prices).

Please note that while we retail 'unlimited' home internet plans, it may come as a surprise to customers to learn that on the wholesale end we do necessarily pay for 'unlimited' usage of our customers, rather often we have to pay for our customers' actual per GB usage, and that rate is different per Vendor and even may vary by Vendor's regional networks, and by the total GB usage for a given month, on top of network access prices which vary by plan, and that is before we even take into account other expenses.

Incorporation & Governance

WRS Web Solutions Inc. was Federally incorporated on 1 May 2010, and was duly registered with the Province of Ontario on the same date. WRS Web Solutions Inc, is based in the Province of Ontario, Canada. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is governed by the Canada Business Corporations Act. You may find the company on that government website. WRS Web Solutions Inc. files an annual return to Corporations Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Government of Canada, and the company is in good standing. WRS Web Solutions Inc, is also registered with, and regulated by, the CRTC as an Internet Service Provider, and you may find the company listed in good standing on the CRTC website.

We also use the trade names WRS Internet, WRS Internet Vancouver, WRS Internet Toronto, WRS Internet Calgary, and The Urban Internet Company. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is also a web hosting company (WRS Web Solutions Inc. - Web Hosting Division). If you want to ask about internet availability for an address please use the Request form, it is free. If you have any other questions, you may reach us using the Contact form. (We would prefer you use the above forms rather than calling us, but if you really need to call us, our phone number is 705-309-8500.)


The Founder is the Author of most pages on this website. His name is Warren R. Spence. Please see the Founder page for additional information.

License & Registration

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is registered with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as a 'Telecommunications Services Provider, Non-Facilities-Based Provider', and as an 'Internet Service Provider'. As per Telecom Decision CRTC 98-17, on 24 Nov 2016, CRTC file 8190-W53-201612028, WRS Web Solutions Inc. was granted a Basic International Telecommunications Services (BITS) license for the period 2017-01-12 to 2027-06-30. As required, the company submits annual reports the CRTC.

Sales Taxes & Corporate Income Tax

WRS Web Solutions Inc. collects applicable GST / HST from Canadian resident customers on behalf of the CRA, plus applicable provincial sales taxes on behalf of the Provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec.

In addition WRS Web Solutions Inc. files sales tax returns with each of those provinces. WRS Web Solutions Inc. files an annual Corporate T2 Income Tax Return to CRA each fiscal year. In addition, WRS Web Solutions Inc. has filed the US Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service form W-8BEN-E.

Service Area

Check Availability

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a Veteran owned, Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP), providing internet plans and VoIP phone plans to homes and business in many parts of Canada. Internet plans available vary by Province and network used, which thus means that they also vary by place name, which in turn means that we have a vast number of place name pages on this website, so that people can see the actual break down of what home internet plans are actually available in the place that they live in, rather than having them end up ordering internet plans which are NOT available where they live, (which would likely be preferable to Google, as they do not seem to understand the market place we work in.) Please click on a Province below, and then the name of a place (on that Provincial page) to get an idea of the internet plans we offer in that place. Availability may vary.

Or, please click on a province (below):

Alberta BC Manitoba Nova Scotia New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Ontario PEI Quebec Saskatchewan

(Our Internet plans are not yet available in Nunavut, NWT, or Yukon.)

Shaw Cable TV Lines

In BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, the company offers cable internet plans over Shaw coax cable TV lines.

TELUS DSL Capable Phone Lines

In BC and Alberta the company offers DSL interent plans over TELUS DSL capable phone lines (where they exist).

Rogers Cable TV Lines

In Ontario, New Brunswick, plus Newfoundland and Labrador, the company offers cable internet plans over Rogers coax cable TV lines.

Cogeco Cable TV Lines

In Ontario & Quebec, the company offers cable internet plans over most Cogeco coax cable TV lines (except in some areas where their cable TV network does not support internet plans).

Videotron Cable TV Lines

In Quebec & Ontario, the company offers cable internet plans over Videotron coax cable TV lines.

Bell DSL Phone Lines

In Ontario and Quebec the company offers DSL internet plans over Bell DSL capable phone lines (where DSL is available). The company also offers DSL internet plans over Bell DSL capable phone lines in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland. (In the Atlantic provinces the DSL plans are limited to a maxum of 7 mbps downalod speed).

Eastlink Cable TV Lines

We are not yet able to offer cable internet plans over eastlink cable TV lines west of Ontario, but we hope to be able to in the near future. :)

Web Hosting

The company also offers web hosting and related services (except in the province of Quebec), through our www.webhostingwebsitebuilder.com website, in Canada (except the Province of Quebec), and to residents of other countres.

Mailing Address

Our mailing address is:

WRS Web Solutions Inc.
18 King Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON
M5C 1C4

(The above address is in addition to the company's legal 'records address'.) The website is always the best and fastest way to contact us, place an order, or to make a payment. Please see our 'Support' page for support questions, and our 'FAQs' page for answers to many general questions.


WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a Canadian home Internet Service Provider company which started out offering web hosting, and then branched out into domain names and cpanel web hosting. The company also built and operated over 500 informational / advertising websites on a wide variety of topics, and has owed various websites over time. Do to changing market conditions many of these websites were discontinued.

We still offer website design, hosting, domain names, SEO, website maintenance and other such services. WRS Web Solutions Inc. has established numerous relationships with a wide variety of other companies over the years, allowing it to draw on additional outside resources as and when needed to assist in meeting customer needs. We have built and maintained websites for various satisfied customers.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. offers a wide variety of high speed internet plans in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador. If you go to the Home page of this site you will see a list of place names, and if the place you live is listed there, chances are very good that we can offer you our high speed internet services!

Our Primary Websites

WRS Web Solutions Inc. also owns and operates the WRS Internet (.com & .ca) websites. WRS Web Solutions Inc. uses the trade name WRS Internet in additon to it's full legal name which is WRS Web Solutions Inc. Plus the company owns other websites not listed here. You can read more about WRS Web Solutions Inc. on our web hosting website.

Other Services

WRS Web Solutions Inc. may be able to offer various other services on request. It also has a background in Education, Training, Material Management, Supply Chain, and other areas of Logistics, and beyond. In addition, WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a half owner in Ability Energy Inc. which offers Alberta residents the opportunity to perhaps save money on their home natural gas heating and home electric bills, (as well as the chance to read various helpful articles on the topic).

Speaking of reading, for people who like to read interesting articles, they may wish to read our read interesting articles website, plus our PlanOffers Canada website, and our more American focused PlanOffers Net website. Each of those websites has a variety of interesting articles to read, as does our WRS Modular Homes website. Our Best Buy Drone website may be of interst to many as it contains a wealth of informational Drone articles. Edmonton residents may even be interested in reading articles that may be found on our Electricity in Edmonton site. Amercian residents may find our Amercian focused The Urban Internet Company COM (outside Canada) website to be informative.

In the Province of Quebec

In a sincere effort to comply with provincial legislation restricting the use of the English language in the Province of Quebec, WRS Web Solutions Inc. has decided for the time being at least, to limit the services it is offering in the Province of Quebec to only residential and business internet plans & modems, plus home phone and small business VoIP phone plans.

Please note that no French version exists for some of the software we offer in relation to our website builder, SSL certificates, and related services, thus they are only offered in the English language at this time, and for this reason we are not currently offering them for sale to Province of Quebec residents.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is striving to comply with the provincial language laws. In relation to the web based offerings of such residential internet access plans to residents of the province of Quebec, it is the intent of WRS Web Solutions Inc. to provide a complete French language experience, including sales and technical support, for French speaking residents in the Province of Quebec, as well as a complete English language experience for English speaking residents of the Province of Quebec (who choose to use the English language in all communications with WRS Web Solutions Inc.). WRS Web Solutions Inc. welcomes suggestions for improving our services in the French and the English languages to residents of the Province of Quebec.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. is a privately owned, Veteran owned, Canadian company, located in Ontario. It does not have any offices, retail locations, assets, or employees in the Province of Quebec, but the company does collect and remit Quebec sales tax, on sales to Quebec residents, (as well as GST). In terms of installations and service calls, we contract the cable TV and phone companies to do those tasks on our behalf.